Tying Things Together

Founded in 2010 a half-day away in sunny Australia, Sol Sana shoes have arrived at Rooster just in the nick of time. Combining classic vintage touches with shapes whisked right off the runway, the brand provides a pristine take on several summer favourites. Mules, platforms, stacked heels, and simple flat sandals rule the Sol Sana lookbook this summer - and the best part? Sol Sana shoes have been created with the special intention to provide high fashion styles at accessible prices.

Pictured above is Dice, featuring a retro squared toe and a high cut to prevent slipping.

With the cool and cloudy weather hovering over the city recently, we decided our Outfit of the Week had to be sophisticated yet versatile enough to withstand the addition and shedding of layers throughout the day. We kept it simple with an airy off-white Soaked in Luxury jacket - perfect for hiding additional layers underneath to beat that rush hour chill.

The similarly textured black A-line dress underneath draws attention to the accessories - in this case, the fabulous Sol Sanas and this intricately hand-beaded statement necklace featuring fringe, rich metallics, and a soft leather tie closure. 

The right statement piece can tie an entire outfit together with the help of a well-thought out and affordably priced pair of shoes. Happy coordinating!