Enjoying Tequila: A Tasting Guide & Journal.

Voyageur Press

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From classic to new-generation and small-batch tequilas, this book gives you the information you need to enjoy this widely popular drink with knowledge. Whether you are a straight-up sipper, a with or without salt, or a frozen-with-an-umbrella-drink type, Enjoying Tequila offers a hands-on guide and reference to this unique spirit and its many varieties and tastes.

Enjoying Tequila offers insight into the growing world of this versatile liquor—with its complex flavors and classic cocktails that are synonymous with relaxation. With this book in hand, you may be inclined to make tequila your spirit of choice as you:
  • Discover tequila’s spicy, sweet, rich, and mellow variations.
  • Choose from a collection of classic cocktail recipes.
  • Follow tasting notes on a full range of tequilas.
  • Offers an interactive format for recording your experiences.


  • Hardcover.
  • 7.75" x 5.8".
  • 176 pg.

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